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NAC Education Resources Service Home Page

Provides information and educational programmes about countries and cultures, health and fitness and wildlife and nature

Teaching young people to resist drugs and violence

In this handbook, you'll discover what tobacco and nicotine are, the reasons why people begin to smoke, and the particular allure of smoking for teenagers (this is a US site, therefore the spelling of words might be different!)

Enables young people throughout the world to undertake projects designed to make a meaningful contribution to the health and welfare of the planet and its people

Egyptian site for kids, bilingual (Arabic/English), contains more than 300 pages of information and illustrations covering Egypt's 7000 years of civilisation from Ancient, Coptic, Greco-Roman, Islamic and Modern times

Looks at the issue of bullying and provides some interactive situations designed for young people, part of the Telecom/Police STOP BULLYING Campaign in New Zealand

Science exhibition showing that life is movement, movement is life, the dance of the molecules the rotation of the galaxies - the world is always on the move and we are in the middle of it all

The Classroom of the Future (COTF) serves as the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's (NASA's) premier research and development programme for educational technologies. In this capacity the COTF develops and conducts research on technology-based learning materials that challenge students to solve problems by using datasets and other information resources provided by the four strategic enterprises of NASA: Aero-Space Technology, Human Exploration and Development of Space, Earth Science Enterprise, and Space Science (this is a US site, therefore the spelling of words might be different!)

The Classroom of the Future - A Guide to Using the Internet in Schools