"Unless the Lord builds the house, they labour in vain that built it"
The Mother Lodge of Scotland
Steeped in antiquity, this ancient and honorable Lodge was founded circa 1140 AD at approximately the same time as the erection of the nearby Kilwinning Abbey.

Schaw, the "Maister o' Work" and "Warden General o'er a' the masons" wrote in the now famous statutes of 1598 and 1599 that Mother Kilwinning was the "Heid (Head) Lodge o' Scotland."

As a founder member of the Grand Lodge of Scotland in 1736, Mother Kilwinning is placed at the head of the roll of the Grand Lodge of Scotland and now has the famous and distinctive Number '0'. 

The Lodge, situated in Main Street, Kilwinning, meets on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of every month throughout the year.

three locations
The Three Locations of the Lodge - Chapter House, Old Lodge and New Lodge
the lodge
The Lodge
A recent change in masonic history saw the modification to an agreement signed in 1807 with the Grand Lodge of Scotland amended in 1983 whereby

(a) Mother Kilwinning has the right for all time coming to nominate a brother to become the Grand Bible Bearer in the Grand Lodge of Scotland.
(b) There was erected and consecrated the Provincial Grand Lodge of Kilwinning with Mother Kilwinning having the sole right to nominate the Provincial Grand Master in the Province of Kilwinning.

These changes further ensure that Mother Kilwinning still preserves her
singular position and autonomy in the Masonic world.