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It is perhaps befitting that the first organisation to be recorded within this group is the Kilwinning Angling Club, because if there is any substance in the legends of our patron saint, St Winin, then he could well lay claim to having been the first Kilwinning angler. The old tales tell us that upon his arrival at the mouth of the river Garnock in the sixth century, his first action was to attempt to catch some fish, alas without success and so in a fit of temper he cursed the river and forbade it to produce fish from that date onwards.

The River at Eglinton Park Fortunately his curse did not work and the river over the years has been bountiful in the provision of salmon and brown and sea trout.

The correct title of the club is "The Kilwinning Eglinton Angling Club" and it was formed in 1905 with Lord Eglinton as founder member and Honorary Patron.

The club organises several competitions each year and has fishing rights on that stretch of the river Garnock from the black pipe at Woodend Farm to the estuary and on parts of the Lugton. Membership varies from year to year but averages out to approximately six hundred persons.

Permits can be obtained from The Craft Fishing Shop, 42 Main Street, Kilwinning Tel No. 01294 558559