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archery in kilwinning


If angling is the oldest sport, the Kilwinning Archers is certainly the oldest club. The Ancient Society of Kilwinning Archers is believed to date back to 1483 and whilst records are only available from 1688, there is a reference in the early minutes which would appear to confirm this assumption.

The sport still continues in Kilwinning to this very day. The annual papingo shoot is held in the grounds of the old Abbey on the first Saturday in June, when the wooden bird is mounted on a pole and suspended from the clock
tower to allow the archers to attempt to dislodge the wings and then the bird itself.

In earlier days the first person to shoot down the papingo became Captain for the next twelve months. Today the shoot for the Captaincy takes place on the morning of the papingo shoot and this event is held at the butts in McGavin Park.

During the winter months the Club meets (evenings) in the gym of Kilwinning Academy.